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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions.

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Corrupt PDF? Flipbook not processing correctly?How to distill your PDF to get around this challenge with PDF distillers.
Which browsers are supported in the Admin?iPaper Admin supports all major browsers. Here is the definitive list of which browsers we support, and which we do not.
How can I update my browser?Always use the latest browser version for the best possible Internet experience 🙏
How to set up redirects for your FlipbooksLearn how to redirect your visitors from one URL to another, the difference between permanent and temporary redirects, and when to use them.
FAQ: Cookies in iPaperThe most frequently asked questions about iPaper’s cookie policy and how our technology works. 🍪
I accidentally deleted a Flipbook. Can you restore it?No. 😰 Deleted flipbooks are irreversibly gone.
Can I scroll through my Flipbook vertically, from top to bottom?Wondering if you can set your Flipbook to scroll vertically, so readers flip from top to bottom? The short answer is no, for good reason.
Why is my flipbook queued / not processing?Are you waiting for a long time? It's most likely due to rush hour!
Is iPaper Accessible?Make sure your content is in compliance with WCAG 2.1 - European Accessibility Act Directive - ADA compliance
Trouble with firewall or network restrictions?A whitelist can help let the iPaper magic through.
Can I change a single page in my flipbook?Yes. But it requires the full PDF file.
Why does text in my Flipbook look blurred?Fast loading speeds come with a sacrifice. 🚀
Why does it say my PDF files are being deleted?Don't worry. Everything is fine. It is just the maid doing some cleaning.
How should I design my PDF for best results?PDF Specifications and Recommendations.
Why do I get an error message, no matter what I try to do?Have you tried turning it off and on again?
My PDF is password protected. What can I do about it?Provide or remove the password.
Why am I getting an error message when trying to place a Vimeo video?Privacy. Your video has it.
Redirecting Flipbooks using JavaScript redirectsUse JavaScript redirects to inform visitors and search engines that your Flipbook has moved from one URL to another.
How can I filter out internal traffic from statistics?There are several ways to perform tests in your Flipbooks without them skewing your visitor statistics. This guide explains how!
How big should your Flipbook be?Your Flipbook can, and should be, as long as you want. There are, however, some best practices to ensure a great browsing experience.
FAQ: How long does a session last for my Flipbook visitors?Whenever a visitor browses your Flipbook, they start a session. Understand how long a session lasts, and why this is important.