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Are you seeing the error message below, when trying to place a Vimeo video in a Flipbook?

Then your video's privacy settings is either:
a) blocking it from being viewed
b) blocking iPaper from fetching metadata, such as thumbnail and size

(Or the video doesn't exist - check the URL is correct)

To fix this, go to vimeo.com and select your video.

Go to Settings -> Privacy

We recommend the following settings:

Who can watch this video?
Choose one of the options below

  • Anyone
    This will open your video up for anyone to view - including iPaper

Pro-tip: If you need your video to not be accessible by anyone, you can change this privacy setting to Anyone, embed the video in your flipbook and change the privacy setting back.

Where can this video be embedded?

  • Anywhere
    This allows your video to be embedded on the iPaper platform

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