To add video, follow this guide. But first, make sure you have the technical part in order!

Video encoding

Our general recommendation is to use Adobe Media Encoder CS5 which lets you encode audio and video in a variety of distribution formats.

Always use the MP4 format, as it is supported by all devices (computer, tablet & mobile). 

The FLV and F4V formats are only supported by our desktop client.
MOV format is only supported by Mac / iOS devices.

Read more about the use of Adobe Media Encoder CS5 here.

General recommendation:

MP4 video encoded with H.264 codec

Adobe Media Encoder CS5 Preset:

Mobile Device 720P HD

Bitrate, framerate, and resolution:

It is difficult to give clear-cut guidance on which bitrate, frame rate, and resolution you should use, as it depends on the content of your video. Therefore we recommend you to feel your way at the beginning. For example, would a video containing fewer movements, say an interview with few objects moving, be able to be encoded with a relatively low frame rate, due to the low number of changes from frame to frame. On the contrary, a highly active scenery with a lot of movement would need a higher frame rate.

Please note that the maximum allowed file size in iPaper Media library is 1GB!

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