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A great Flipbook isn't just a PDF. It's an interactive, animated online experience. And with that comes the option to add video!

Before you get started, let's get the technical stuff right! Navigate to the article on that here:

How to Insert a Pop Up Video:

Why not have a Call-to-action for a video? Next to a product to show a presentation video, or an explainer video perhaps? Or even an influencer talking about your product?

You'll need two things. The video and an image for the CTA. 

Let's start with CTA. Find an appropriate image and add to your media folder. Next navigate to the Enrichment Editor.

Next, select 'Insert image from Media Library'

Select the image you want to use as a CTA button for the video. Once added, resize it and place appropriately.

Once added navigate to 'Select a link action' and from the Dropdown menu, pick 'Popup Video'.

Now select video source and fill out the blanks:

You can use a variety of video sources, in this example I'm using a YouTube video, and all I need to do is paste the link to the video. Remember to click save!

Now my video will show, when clicking the CTA button and show as a popup frame on top of the video:

How to Insert a Video player in the flipbook:

Would you rather the Video Player is embedded on the Flipbook? No problem! Instead of inserting a CTA button, simply click 'Insert Video' instead:

Then again select source and fill in the fields. Again, we're going with a YouTube video, so we'll just paste the URL to the video.

Now the player will show in your enrichment editor, and you can resize it and place it.
On the right side, under 'Properties' you can also set if the video should autoplay etc.

Remember to click save, and now you have the video embedded right on the Flipbook:

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