Introducing Media Library:

The Media Library is where you store all your media files such as:

How to upload files to the Media Library

  1. Click the Media tab in the side menu
  2. Right-click the folder you wish to upload a file to
  3. Choose the Upload file option from the drop-down menu
  4. Drag and drop or Choose the files you want to upload

File restrictions:

Files uploaded to Media cannot exceed 1GB (1024 MB)


  • PDF
  • Images: JPEG / PNG / GIF /SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic)
  • Video: MP4
  • Data: CSV, XLSX, XML, JSON


  1. You can right-click a file in Media to view more info about it like it's File ID or it's direct URL.4

2. You can overwrite an existing file, by uploading a new file with the exact same name to the same folder.
3. You can create folders by right-clicking and selecting "Create folder."
4. You can organize your files and folders by dragging and dropping, just like files and folders on your computer. 

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