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Adding images to your Flipbook
Adding images to your Flipbook

Enhance your PDF by adding more images to your Flipbook!

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Enriching your Flipbooks is the easiest way of giving your visitors an immersive, and engaging Flipbook experience, and images are arguably the most accessible Flipbook enrichment!

There can be many use cases in adding images to your Flipbook. It could be to add images to enhance the design of your Flipbook, or to add icons and buttons for CTAs. 

📖 This guide explains:

How to add an Image

First, add the image(s) you want to use to your Media Library. Then navigate to the Enrichment editor on the Flipbook you want to add images to.

You can do this by right-clicking on the Flipbook from the Overview screen, and selecting Open enrichments editor from the drop-down menu.

This will open the Enrichment Editor.

From here, select Insert image from Media Library from the top bar.

From here, you'll be able to select either a Single image, or an Image slideshow. For this tutorial, we'll choose a single image.

This will open your Media Library, where you can select the image you wish to insert into your Flipbook by double-clicking it.

Your selected image will be imported into your Flipbook, from where you can reposition and resize it.

How to Create an Image Slideshow

If you'd rather have a small enrichment, such as an icon or video that displays a larger image when click upon, consider creating a Popup Media Gallery enrichment

Obviously, a slideshow doesn't consist of a single image, so when you want to create an image slideshow, you need to create a folder in the Media Library containing only images to be used in the image slideshow.

Select the folder from which to create your Image Slideshow and then click Select:

This will then generate a placeholder area where the folders images will be shown in the published Flipbook. You can also move and resize the placeholder area as required.

💡 You can change your slideshow settings in the pane to the right in the Enrichment Editor.

⚠️ Slideshow images follow the original image dimensions in the folder, and cannot be stretched in the Enrichment Editor. If you want to resize them, you'll need to resize the images and add those to the folder.

How to insert a Popup Media Gallery

If you would rather use a smaller image, icon, or video that triggers a larger media file to display when clicked up, you'll need to use a Popup Media Gallery enrichment.

A Popup Media Gallery can show anything from a single image or video, to multiple combinations of thereof, in a lightbox, when clicked.

To create one, select an enrichment, that will serve as the trigger for your Popup Media Gallery. Select the enrichment in your Flipbook in the Enrichment Editor, the select an Enrichment Action.

From the dropdown menu, select Popup Media Gallery.

Next, to select what media files you want to show in your Popup Media Gallery, click on EDIT MEDIA. This will open a window from where you select your media assets:

  • Selective: Choose and sort a list of media options, such as Media Library files, images/video URLs, YouTube and Vimeo.

  • Folder: Select a Media Library folder and show all the images and videos in that folder, sorted by name.

That's it. Always remember to save your changes.

When you click on the enrichment in your live Flipbook, it will trigger a lightbox that presents any and all media files you included in the Popup Media Gallery.

💡 While you're at it, why not animate your CTAs?

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