Adding images to your flipbook

Enhance your PDF by adding more images to your Flipbook!

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There can be many use cases in adding images to your Flipbook. It could be to add images to enhance the design of your Flipbook, or to add icons and buttons for CTAs. 

How to add an image:

First add the image(s) you want to use to your Media Library.
Then, simply navigate to the Enrichment editor on the Flipbook you want to add images to.

From here click 'Insert image from Media Library' from the top bar:

This will show you a Directory of your Media Library with images to choose from:

This will paste the image on your Flipbook, that you can then place and resize.

How to Create an Image Slideshow:

If one image isn't sufficient, you can always add a slideshow! You use the save top bar navigation as with a single image, but choose 'Image slideshow' instead:

Obviously, a slideshow doesn't consist of a single image, so when you want to create an image slideshow, you need to create a folder in the Media Library containing only images to be used in the image slideshow.

NOTE: You can change your slideshow settings in the pane to the right in the Enrichment Editor.

An important note to this is, that the Slideshow follows the size of the images in the folder. So you cannot simply stretch them in the Enrichment editor. If you want to resize them, you'll need to resize the images and add those to the folder.

How to make a Pop Up Image:

Want to show an image if a CTA is clicked? Pop-up Image is the way to go. A pop-up image is an image which pops up and displays on your screen when activated.

First add the image/button to use as a CTA.

Once the image is added, use the Properties settings on the right, to select a link action. In this case it'll be the 'Popup Image' link action:

This will prompt you to select an image from your Media Library:

Fill out the blanks, and your CTA will now work as a popup image!

How to make a Pop Up Image Gallery:

A pop-up image gallery is a gallery of images which pops up in a lightbox when a link is clicked. First of all, you'll need to create a folder containing the images you want to show in the gallery. Just the same as the Image slideshow.

When that's done you can create the pop-up image gallery the same way as the Popup Image, just choose Popup Image Gallery instead. 

While you're at it, why not animate your CTAs?

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