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How to use animated GIFs as CTAs (Calls To Action)
How to use animated GIFs as CTAs (Calls To Action)

Make your Flipbook come alive!

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One of the reasons flipbooks are way cooler than dusty old PDF files is that you can make them interactive! Links, images, video — you name it. But what good is a link, if people don't know you can click it? 

It's important to make it clear to your readers, that icons, images etc. are 'click-able'. There are a number of ways to do this, for example you can add animations to them, see more about that here:

Another cool way, is to use GIFs as your icons. Using GIFs as Calls To Action, makes it clear, that this is an interactive element:

How to add GIFs to your Flipbook

Adding GIFs to your Flipbook is easy:

  1. Add your GIF to your Media library by clicking on Media on the left-hand vertical menu.

  2. Drag & drop your GIF into your Media Library, or right-click on the folder and select Upload file.

  3. Once uploaded, open your Flipbook in the Enrichment Editor by right-clicking on it in the Flipbook tree view, and selecting Open enrichments editor.

  4. In the Enrichment Editor, navigate to the page in your Flipbook, you want to add GIFs to, and click the Media icon.

  5. Select your GIF from the Media Library, and then drag it to the correct position in your Flipbook.

  6. That's it! Remember to save before you leave the Enrichment Editor.

💡 Using GIFs as calls-to-action (CTAs) is a great way of drawing your visitors' attention to your products, especially if your Flipbook features many on a single page.

Remember, unless you specify it, your GIF doesn't link anywhere, so remember to add a link to it using the Enrichment editor!

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