Adding animation to your flipbook

Animate images to make them stand out

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Do you want to make your images stand out, or highlight CTAs? Animate them!

How to Create an Animation:

First step is to add the images you want to animate to your Media Library. Once that's done, jump into the enrichment editor for the Flipbook you want to add animations to.

Creating an animation:

Once in the Enrichment editor, click to add image:

The select from the Media folder, the image you want to add. In this example, I'm going to add an image as a CTA for an image gallery. 

  1. I've added the image, placed it and resized it to my liking.

  2. Under Animation I've selected 'Add sequence' to add an animation

  3. On my sequence, I've selected the 'Float in' animation.

Note: I can add as many sequences as I want. Or as many animations as I want in a sequence. If I wanted it to 'Float in', then 'Fade out' and then 'Fade in', I'll simply click the + icon on my sequence. 

Make the Animation Loop:

If you really want to highlight a specific CTA, you can even have it's animation loop! You can make your animation loop by clicking the loop icon.

In this case, it will fade in, then out - and keep looping it for a blinking effect:

But it's not just for CTAs. You could use an awesome Ken Burns effect to really make your backgroup pop, or let text fade in for effect. 

You can add as many as you want, combine them any way you want. So have at it - and make that Flipbook pop!

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