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How to add video to your Flipbook
How to add video to your Flipbook

Make your Flipbook pop with video!

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A great Flipbook isn't just a PDF: it's an interactive, animated online experience. And with that comes the option to add video!

Whether it's a video from your newly set up Media Library, or one hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, adding a video to your Flipbook will create a much more engaging an experience for your visitors.

🧠 Before you continue with how to add video to your Flipbooks, it's important that you're familiar with the technical stuff, like how to achieve optimal video playback.

You can read up on this, in our guide, below:

📖 This guide explains:

How to insert a video into your Flipbook using Popup Media Gallery

Perhaps you'd like to include a video of a product from your digital catalog in action? Or maybe, an inspirational video that promotes the look and feel of your brand?

You can add videos, along with images, by using the Popup Media Gallery feature in the Enrichment Editor. You can easily add one into your Flipbook with our step-by-step guide, below:

How to insert a video inline into your Flipbook

Another way of inserting a video into your Flipbook, is to do it inline, using the Insert Video Enrichment option. Doing so is easy:

  1. In the Enrichment Editor, select Insert video from the horizontal, top menu.

  2. From the drop-down menu, from which you can select the source from which to embed your video. This can be:

    1. your media library

    2. an external link

    3. a YouTube video

    4. a Vimeo video

  3. Once you have chosen your source, paste the source URL if the video is externally hosted, or select the appropriate video from your Media Library.

  4. The video will be inserted into your Flipbook in the original video dimensions. You can then drag it to the correct position in your Flipbook, and resize it in order to create the perfect fit.

  5. To further customize your embedded video in your Flipbook, you can select:

    1. Autoplay: by toggling this option, your video will automatically begin playing when the page is loaded.

    2. Controls: toggling this options shows the video controls, allowing your Flipbook visitor to pause, play, and navigate the video manually.

    3. Looping: toggling the Looping option will create an automatic loop in which the video, upon finishing will start playing again, automatically.

  6. Remember to save your changes!

⚠️ Please note that toggling Autoplay will disable the Controls option, and vice versa.

⚠️ Please note that videos set to autoplay will have audio disabled. Autoplaying videos are intended to provide ambient experiences, and web browsers automatically disable audio on autoplaying video.

To include video with the option to autoplay with sound, this can be achieved by using the Popup Media Gallery option, above.

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