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How do I create Enrichments?
How do I create Enrichments?

Make your Flipbook interactive!

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Enrichments: your way to an interactive Flipbook:

Once you have created a Flipbook from a PDF, it might look nice, but it's also a bit flat.

Luckily, Enrichments are a powerful tool for the enhancement of your Flipbooks. With them, you can make your publication come alive with links, images, videos, and animations that will help you showcase your content in a new and exciting way.

☕ There is much to learn about Enrichments, but once mastered, you'll be able to create really engaging Flipbooks. As such, this article is quite long, so we recommend grabbing a cup of your favorite beverage before you get started.

📖 This guide explains:

How to open a Flipbook in the Enrichment Editor

To start creating Enrichments in your Flipbook, you'll need to open in it the Enrichment Editor. Doing so is easy:

  1. In the Flipbooks organizational tree view, right-click on the Flipbook you want to create Enrichments for. From the drop-down menu, select Open enrichments editor.

    This will then open your Flipbook in the Enrichment Editor:

How to create an Enrichment

You have several options available to you when creating Enrichments in the Enrichment Editor. You can:

  • draw an area that will become an Enrichment,

  • add text to become an Enrichment,

  • insert a video,

  • or insert an image that will become an Enrichment.

In the Enrichment Editor, you can select the format you'd like from the icons in the top bar:

These four options form the basis of all the engaging Enrichments you can create in your Flipbook. To each of these, you can apply different actions, which we'll talk about more, below.

Creating an Enrichment by drawing

To draw a link, simply select Draw enrichment, then define the area you'd like to become your Enrichment, by clicking and dragging on your Flipbook.

You'll be able to see the area you have defined, in your Flipbook:

Creating an Enrichment with text

To create an Enrichment with text, select Draw text, then click on the position you wish to have your text, on your Flipbook's page. Don't worry if it's not perfect: you can always move the text box by clicking on it and dragging it into the perfect position. 👍

You also have the option to customize your text link by defining the:

  • font family

  • font size

  • font style (as italic, or bold)

  • font color

Creating an Enrichment with a video

Another way of creating an Enrichment in your Flipbook is with a video. To do so, select Insert video, and you'll be presented with a drop-down menu, from which you can select how you want to include your video.

Videos can be located in:

  1. the Media Library

  2. hosted on an external site, or external file repository

  3. embedded as a YouTube video

  4. embedded as a Vimeo video

Creating a video enrichment from your Media Library

If you select to import a video from your Media Library, you'll be presented with the option to select your desired video from it, in a popup box:

Once you've selected your video, it will appear in your Flipbook, in its original size and dimensions. You can then resize it to fit the desired area in your Flipbook, as well as drag the video box to the correct position in your Flipbook.

Creating a video enrichment from an external link, YouTube, or Vimeo

Inserting a video into your Flipbook from an externally hosted source works similarly, regardless if the video is hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or another external source.

Click on the option you wish, and you will be presented with a popup in which you can enter the source URL of your externally hosted video:

Next, click Insert. Your video will appear in your Flipbook in its original size and dimensions. You can then resize it to fit the desired area in your Flipbook, as well as drag the video box to the correct position in your Flipbook.

Creating an Enrichment with an image

Finally, you can also create an Enrichment in your Flipbook by using an image from your Media Library. To do so, select Insert image from Media Library.

At this point, you will be presented with two options:

  1. Insert a single image

  2. Insert an image slideshow

Inserting a single image

To insert a single image, select the image from your Media Library, that is presented in a popup, and it will be inserted into your Flipbook in its original size and dimensions. You can then resize it to fit the desired area in your Flipbook, as well as drag it to the correct position in your Flipbook.

Inserting an image slideshow

Inserting an image slideshow allows you to insert all the images from any single folder in your Media Library.

You can resize the image slideshow box to fit the desired area in your Flipbook, but be aware that images will always be resized to fit within the box, and will always be centered within it.

The result is a slideshow in your Flipbook that automatically rotates through the available images within your selected folder.

How to set a link action

Give your Enrichments additional purpose by assigning a link action to them! A link action is essentially a command for the Enrichment to complete a specific action, when interacted with, by a Flipbook visitor. This can be everything from opening an external, or internal link, to opening a form, or media gallery.

To add functionality to the Link you've just drawn:

  1. Select the Enrichment you want to assign a link action to.

  2. Navigate to the Properties drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the editor:

How to create a link style

Want to draw more attention to your links? Add a link style! A link style refers to the way a drawn link appears in the iPaper publication.

When you select a link you've drawn inside the Enrichment Editor, a new button will appear in the top bar:

With this, you can create a link style appropriate for your content, and matches your brand: 

Here, you can select from any existing preset link styles you've already created, or create a new one. Once created, simply choose your link to add it to, and select the new link style. 

💡 Another way to highlight a Link or an Image would be to add animation to it to draw attention. Read our guide on Enrichment animations, below:

Adding a Hover style

You can define the default Color, Border size, and Opacity of your link styles as they appear when loaded in your digital catalog.

However, you can also define the appearance of how these elements appear when hovered over by a cursor. This is called the Hover style.

To apply a hover style to your links, check the Hover style box:

You will then be presented with the option to set the Color, Border size, and Opacity parameters of the Hover style:

💡 Hover styles rely on your Flipbook visitors hovering over them with a cursor. As such, they only apply to browsing experiences from a desktop browser.

Adding a Highlight style

The Highlight effect makes any links with a hover effect briefly 'flash' their hover effect when the page in the Flipbook they are on is loaded.

This allows your Flipbook visitors to identify clickable links in your Flipbook, at a glance.

💡 The Highlight effect is automatically applied to, and only affects, all link style enrichments that use a Hover effect. This means that if you’ve toggled a hover effect for enrichments in your Flipbooks, they will now show the highlight effect, too, when loaded. You are, however, always able to toggle off the additional highlight effect by unchecking the Highlight style box.

You can easily apply, or remove, a Highlight style from a link style, by checking the Hightlight style checkbox:

How to copy, move, or delete an Enrichment

Copying an Enrichment

Do you have the need for the same link multiple places? Simply use the Copy/Paste commands from your OS while your Enrichment is selected:





Moving an Enrichment

Finding the perfect position for an Enrichment in your Flipbook can take some work. Luckily, you can easily move Enrichments around the spread, by:

  1. Clicking on the Enrichment you wish to move

  2. Drag the link to its new position

  3. Selecting Save.

Deleting an Enrichment

Not happy with your enrichment? Simply select it and press Delete.

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