How do I create Enrichments?

Make your Flipbook interactive!

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Enrichments - Your way to an interactive Flipbook:

Enrichments is a powerful tool for the enhancement of your Flipbooks. You'll be able to make your publication come alive with links, images, videos and animations that will help you showcase your content in a new and exciting way.

TLDR? Watch the 8 minute video:

How to Create a Link in a Flipbook:

Go to the Enrichment Editor for your desired Flipbook:

  1. Navigate to Flipbooks

  2. Right click the Flipbook

  3. Left click 'Open enrichments editor'

You can either draw a link or select a media file from your library and turn it into a link.

To add a link simply press 'Draw link' from the Top bar. 

  1. Click on the link you wish to move

  2. Drag the link to its new position

  3. Press Save

Link action

To add functionality to the Link you've just drawn, navigate to the 'Properties' drop-down on the right side of the editor:

For this example, we want the link to go to the site which is written in the Flipbook. So we will select the External Link action. This will prompt you for required fields. Let's fill in those with the URL and hover text:

Now clicking the area inside the link we've drawn will send us to the desired URL:

How to Create a Link Style:

Want to draw more attention to your links? Add a link style! A Link style refers to the way a drawn link appears in the iPaper publication.

When you select a link you've drawn inside the Enrichment Editor, a new button will appear in the Top Bar:

With this you can create a Link Style appropriate for your content. 

Once created, simply choose your Link to add it to, and select the new Link Style. 

Tip: Another way to highlight a Link or an Image would be to add animation to it to draw attention. See more on animations here!

How to Copy an Enrichment:

Do you have the need for the same link multiple places? Let's say you have your company URL pasted at the bottom of the page. Don't worry, simply use the Copy/Paste commands from your OS while your Enrichment is selected. So windows, Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V and Mac, Command+C/Command+V.

How to Create a Menu:

One link action isn't enough? No problem - simply choose the link action 'Menu'. This will allow you to add multiple link actions selectable from a menu for your visitor.

In the image above, I've added two Menu items to the Menu. One being an external link action to go to site, and the other as a Popup Video.

How to Create a Popup Frame:

Having the option to go to an external site is great. But imagine having a product heavy catalogs - your visitors might end up with enough tabs to crash any browser! In that case, it might be better to go with Popup Frames. They open external links on top of the catalog, so you can easily return when done reading the external site. Simply choose the 'Popup Frame' option from the link action and fill in the required fields.

Now the link will open in a Frame, that's easily dismissable to return to the catalog:

How to Create Popup Content:

Popup Content is an image (image or text) which pops up and displays on the screen when activated. To create this, simply choose the 'Popup Content' link action, and create you Popup Content with the Edit popup content button. This will open the Popup Content editor:

How to Delete Enrichments:

Not happy with your enrichment? Simply select it and press Delete. 

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