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Update existing enrichments via Enrichment Automation
Update existing enrichments via Enrichment Automation

Make sure your flipbooks are always up-to-date, while retaining your manually created enrichments and click statistics.

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Whenever you update your data feed, you’ll also want to update your Flipbooks' shop links to make sure it shows the latest information.

📖 This guide explains:

🔰 Before we get started, this guide assumes you're familiar with Enrichment Automation, and that you know how to, or have already created manual and/or automated Enrichments for your Flipbook. If we're not on the same page, we recommend you read our guides on how to create Enrichments as well as using your Enrichment Automation, first:

Update Enrichments will recreate the automatically created shop links with the current information from your data file. This process only updates the links, without uploading the PDF file again, which makes updating your Flipbook easier and faster.

💡 If you want to change your PDF instead, look down below, or follow this link. 🙏

When would you update your enrichments?

  • When prices and/or product stock levels have changed, and you intend to update your Flipbook with fresh data.

  • If your product feed is not done updating, at the time you publish your Flipbook.

  • You wish to change other Enrichment Automation settings variables.

What are the advantages of using Update Enrichments?

When you use the Update Enrichments function:

  • Manual enrichments will be retained in the process.

  • Enrichment statistics, such as clicks, will be retained

  • Using the Update Enrichments feature will update your enrichments with new data, even when moved manually to a new position.

How to update your enrichments

  • Choose the Flipbook to update

  • Click the three dotted menu – '' – in the top-right corner

  • Select 'Update Enrichments'

In the pane that opens, you'll be able to select the Enrichment automation you'd like to update. Once you've selected the right one, click on the Update enrichments button, and the rest is automagic.

Use previous

Not feeling the current update you've made to your Enrichment Automation?

No worries. If your data feed has the same URL, you can use your previous configuration by selecting the small 'Use previous' option. This will run the same Enrichment Automation you used before.

And there you go! You have updated your Enrichments. 😀

How to remove Enrichments

Sometimes, you'll also want to remove all, or some of the Enrichments from your Flipbook. This probably isn't something you'll want to do often, but in the case where you'd like a fresh start, we've made it easy to remove Enrichments, en masse.

In the same Update Enrichments pane as above, you'll see a Remove Enrichments option.

Using the available dropdown menu, you'll be able to select whether to:

  • keep all enrichments,

  • remove all enrichments,

  • remove manually created enrichments, or

  • remove enrichments from an automation

With these options, you can select whether to remove all, or specific types of enrichments when you update, meaning you don't have to do so manually, in the Enrichment Editor.

Update your Enrichments daily, with auto update

Auto update is a feature available on any account with Enrichment Automation. It works by automatically updating the Flipbook with the last used Enrichment Automation configuration, and is especially useful if you need to update your Flipbook daily.

Find out how to activate auto update on your Flipbooks with our guide, below:

I want to change the PDF in my Flipbook

Previously, updating Enrichments and changing your PDF were bound together in iPaper. To make it more convenient, we've now split these into separate functions. If you're looking to change your PDF instead, take a look at our article:

If you're interested to learn more about using Google Sheets as a data source, take a look at our article here:

Take your Flipbook from flat PDF to engaging digital shopping experience

Understand how this, and other tactics, can help you attract and inspire shoppers, while also capturing buying intent and converting to a sale, in our Success Framework.

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