If you have updated your data feed, you’ll probably want to update your flipbooks' shop links to make sure your flipbook has the latest information.

See the Update Enrichments video here:

Update Enrichments will recreate the shop links with the current information from your data file. This process only updates the links, without uploading the PDF file again, which makes updating your flipbook easier and faster.

If you want to change your PDF instead, look down below, or follow this link 🙏

When would you update your enrichments?

  • When prices and/or product stock levels have changed, and you want to update your Flipbook with fresh data.

  • If your product feed is not done updating, at the time you publish your Flipbook.

  • You want to change other Enrichment Automation settings variables.

What are the advantages of using Update Enrichments over Change PDF?

  • Manual enrichments will be retained in the process.
    Using Enrichment Automation with Change PDF will delete all existing enrichments before creating new ones.

  • Moving the initial placement of the icons after processing: Using the Update Enrichments feature will update your enrichments, even when moved manually to a new position.

How to update your enrichments

  • Choose the flipbook to update

  • Click the three dotted menu

  • Select "Update Enrichments"

You’ll be then prompted to select the enrichment automation you would like to use

Use previous
If your data feed has the same URL, you can use your previous configuration.
This will run the same Enrichment Automation you used before.

Update Automation before processing
it's possible to adjust the Enrichment Automation before processing.
For example, changing the icon or simply choosing another feed or Excel file.

DISCLAIMER: The examples shown here, are using Google Sheets as a dynamic data source, which is why changing the data can be processed so quickly.
This can also be done with an Excel file, just bear in mind that you need to upload the file first to your media folder, and select it via the Enrichment Automation.

And there you go! You have updated your enrichments :)

If you're looking to change your PDF instead, take a look at our article:

If you're interested to learn more about using Google Sheets as a data source, take a look at our article here:

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