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How do I update the Enrichments in my Flipbook?
How do I update the Enrichments in my Flipbook?

Learn how to update the Enrichments within your Flipbook without having the change the base PDF on which it is built.

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Whenever you need to make a change to the base PDF on which your Flipbook is built, you can do so by using the Change PDF function. However, if you'd like to update the Enrichments in your Flipbook, or import or update new links, you can do so with the Update enrichments function.

How to update Enrichments in your Flipbook

Updating your Enrichments is easy:

  1. In the Flipbooks overview, right-click on the Flipbook for which you want to update Enrichments.

  2. From the drop-down menu, select Update Enrichments.

  3. Select the Enrichment automation you wish to use. A separate modal will show, listing all of your available Enrichment Automations.

  4. Click on Update enrichments. This will begin the update process.

💡 You will receive an email confirming the success, or failure, of the update to your Enrichments. This email is sent to the address associated with your user login.

Update your Enrichments automatically, with Auto-update

Auto-update is a feature available on any account with Enrichment Automation. It works by automatically updating the Flipbook with the last used Enrichment Automation configuration, once daily between 05:00-06:00 CET. You can read our guide on how to set up Auto-update, below:

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