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Change the contents of an existing Flipbook (Change PDF)
Change the contents of an existing Flipbook (Change PDF)

How to change your PDF without losing any Enrichments.

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🔰 Before you get started, this guide explains how to swap out or change the base PDF on which your Flipbook is built without changing or removing the Enrichments from your Flipbook.

If you'd like to update your enrichments without changing your base PDF, you'll want to read our guide on updating enrichments via Enrichment Automation.

📖 This guide explains:

Uploading a new PDF

There are two options for accessing the window in which it is possible to update or change the content of a Flipbook. Regardless of which method works better for you, start by clicking the Flipbook's tab in the side menu.

Option 1: From the Flipbook Overview view

1. Choose the Flipbook you want to update or change the content in
2. Click Change PDF:

Option 2: From the Folder structure view

1. It is possible to access the same option by right-clicking the Flipbook for which you wish to change/update content
2. In the subsequent sub-menu that appears, select the option to Change PDF.

In the Change PDF window, click the Select PDF box. This will open the Media Library, from where you can select your PDF.

Or, if you'd like to an import a PDF that's not in your Media Library (but, for example, on your desktop), you can also drag a new PDF into this window.

When selecting a new PDF from the Media  (locate your PDF if you already uploaded it to the Library, otherwise, upload it now. For help on how to do that, see here).

Click Change PDF and the PDF file will be queued for processing.

Advanced Options

You can also select the advanced settings for the PDF, by toggling Show advanced options:

From with-in the Show advanced options, you have the following possibilities:

  1. Import bookmarks: If your PDF contains bookmarks to other locations within the same PDF, you have the option to import them into your Flipbook as a working Table of Contents. You can also modify the imported bookmarks manually. See how here:

  2. Import links: By toggling this option, any hyperlinks you have placed in the PDF, and will be imported to your Flipbook as enrichments. This applies to both internal, and external links.

  3. Password for PDF: Is your PDF protected by a password, you can enter it in this field. For more information on uploading password-protected PDFs, read our handy guide:

  4. Pages to use: Do you only want to use a specific page range for your Flipbook? Select this option here, and enter the page range you wish to use.

  5. Keep color profile: Was your PDF created using a specific color profile? Make sure you keep it by checking this setting, when creating your Flipbook.

  6. Use RGB blending space: By default, iPaper uses the CMYK blending space, which is used primarily for PDFs designed for print. However, if you've designed your PDF specifically for digital use, you can select this option so that any images in your PDF are processed using the RGB blending space.

Updating your Enrichments while you change your PDF.

If you'd like to update the Enrichments in your Flipbook, or import or update new links, you can do so in the Update Enrichments modal.

You can access this modal by clicking on the link in the Change PDF modal. Alternatively, you can access this from the Flipbook overview page, by clicking on the '' button in the top, right-hand corner, and selecting Update Enrichments:

If you want to make an update to your enrichments, please take a look at the Update Enrichments function.

Read more about it, right here:

As always, if you're unsure of anything, or have a few questions that need answering, we're on hand to help! You can reach out to us via the chat at the bottom of the page.

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