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Create a Flipbook
How do I create a Flipbook?
How do I create a Flipbook?

You want to create your first shiny flipbook? Here's how!

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iPaper allows you to create engaging online catalogs by converting PDF files into Flipbooks.

📖 This guide explains:

How to create a new Flipbook

Creating a Flipbook is quite simple. Check it out:

  1. In the Flipbook Overview, click on Create flipbook. This will open a new modal:

  2. Give your Flipbook a name.

  3. Set the location for your Flipbook, this could be any folder, or subfolder, in your account.

  4. Optional: Add the PDF you wish to use as the base from which your Flipbook will be created.

    You can drag and drop the PDF file from your computer into the dotted area – or
    Upload or select a PDF from Media by clicking in the Choose PDF field

  5. Optional: If you have an existing Enrichment Automation, you can apply it to your Flipbook, here.

  6. Click Create flipbook.

Your Flipbook is now queued for processing and will be ready in just a moment.

💡 If you've created your Flipbook in a folder, it will inherit all of the inheritable settings from its parent folder. You can read all about Inherited Settings work in our guide, below:

Advanced Flipbook options

While you can create a Flipbook with the simple steps above, iPaper also offers more advanced features.

To access them, toggle the Show advanced options:

This will show the advanced options for creating a Flipbook:

  1. Import bookmarks: If your PDF file has bookmarks, you can import them directly into your Flipbook as a Table of Contents.

  2. Import links: If your PDF has hyperlinks, you can import them directly into your Flipbook as enrichments.

  3. Password for PDF: If your PDF is password protected, you can enter the password here for the system to use.

  4. Pages to use: Here you can choose a specific page range within your PDF, to be used to create the Flipbook.

  5. Keep color profile: By default, iPaper strips the colorspace and ICC profile assigned to the PDF. Select this if you wish to retain it.

💡 For more information, and inspiration on how to design and export your PDFs and PDF specifications, you can read our guide, here:

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