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Creating hyperlinks in InDesign to import to your Flipbook
Creating hyperlinks in InDesign to import to your Flipbook

Save time. Create links in your PDF. Import to iPaper.

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Creating links for your Flipbook directly in the InDesign document can often save you time. These links can be imported from your PDF file, as active links when you create your Flipbook.

Read on for instructions on how to create hyperlinks in InDesign and retain the links in your exported PDF.

Creating Links

  • In your InDesign document, mark the element you want to be an active link in the Flipbook.

  • Right-click and choose Hyperlinks

  • Choose New Hyperlink...

You now have the option to select link type - the iPaper platform lets you import the following 3 types:

  • URL
     Link to external website

  • Email
     Send an email (mailto:)

  • Page
     Go to a page in your catalog (Bookmark/Internal link)

Use the following settings for PDF Appearance:

You have now created a link that can be used for import on the iPaper platform.

To retain your links when you export to PDF, be sure to include them.


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