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Can I let my visitors download my Flipbook?
Can I let my visitors download my Flipbook?

Learn how to enable this feature in your Flipbook settings and let your visitors download it as a PDF.

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Flipbooks are designed to be consumed online, whether embedded on your website, or on a dedicated, Branded Domain. However, your visitors might want to download a copy of it to their device to browse offline, or in areas where Internet connectivity is poor.

You can let your visitors download your Flipbook as a PDF by enabling this feature in your iPaper settings.

Doing so is simple:

  1. In the Flipbook overview, right-click on either the Flipbook, or folder, for which you want to enable the Download Flipbook feature.

  2. Select Edit settings, from the menu.

  3. In the General pane, select Interface from the vertical menu on the left.

  4. From the list of interface features, check the Allow access to PDF option, then check Show download icon.

  5. Remember to Save your changes!

You’re all set! Now, your visitors will be able to download an PDF version of your Flipbook by clicking on the Download PDF file button in the user interface:

Offer visitors an alternate PDF for download

Depending on how your Flipbook is built, and what Enrichments you are using to bring it to life, the base PDF on which it is built might not provide an optimal viewing experience, when downloaded.

Luckily, you can offer your Flipbook visitors an alternative PDF for download when they click the Download PDF file button. Read how to offer an alternate PDF for download in our guide, below:

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