How to update an existing Flipbook:

It's easy to update and add new content to an existing Flipbook.

1. Click the Flipbooks tab in the side menu
 There are two options for accessing the window in which it is possible to update or change the content of a Flipbook.

Option 1:
 1. Choose the Flipbook you want to update or change the content in
 2. Click Change PDF:

Option 2:
 1. It is possible to access the same option by right-clicking the Flipbook for which you wish to change/update content
 2. A sub-menu appears. Choose the option to change pdf

2. In the Change PDF window, click the Choose PDF box.

Or drag a new PDF into this window.

3. When choosing a new PDF from the Media  (locate your PDF if you already uploaded it to the Library, otherwise, upload it now. For help on how to do that go here)

4. Click "Change PDF" and the PDF file will be queued for processing.

5. You are also able to select these advanced settings (open "Show advanced options"):

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