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Supported media file types for Popup Media Gallery
Supported media file types for Popup Media Gallery

Popup Media Gallery supports a variety of media files. This guide helps you achieve optimal results with some best practice suggestions.

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Popup Media Gallery gives you the power to surface single assets, or create curated asset galleries that include both images and videos, including from external sources—everything you need to create the rich experiences your Flipbook deserves!

However, there are a few best practice rules to keep in mind when uploading media to your Popup Media Gallery, that will ensure you give your visitors the best possible browsing experience.

🔰 Before we get started

This article relates to the best practices, and supported media filetypes for Popup Media Gallery - a Flipbook enrichment type. For more information on Popup Media Gallery, including how to implement it in your Flipbook, please read our guide, below:

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Supported files when selecting pre-uploaded media from your Media Library

You can use any media file supported by iPaper in a Popup Media Gallery when selecting media that is already uploaded to your Media Library.

💡 The following media filetypes are supported in the Media Library:

  • JPEG

  • PNG

  • GIF

  • SVG

  • WebP

  • MP4

When selecting media files from a folder in your Media Library, only supported files will be displayed. We do so as we are validate your uploaded files and can guarantee that they will work in your Popup Media Gallery. This applies to Popup Media Galleries created with individually selected media assets as well as those created by selecting an asset folder from the Media Library.

⚠️ Please note that you can upload a maximum of 50 media files to a single Popup Media Gallery.

🏆 Media Library file best practices

Keep in mind that even though a filetype might be supported, having it poorly optimized can create a less than optimal experience for customers visiting your Flipbook from, for example, a smartphone, or via a slow internet connection.

Luckily, we have a Best Practices for Media Files guide that can help you optimize your Flipbook media for the best possible viewing experience:

Supported files when embedding externally-located media

When you create a Popup Media Gallery using individually selected media assets, you also have the option to add externally located images and videos from a URL, or embed a video hosted on YouTube, or Vimeo.

This opens up the possibilites in terms of what filetypes you can include in your Popup Media Gallery.

Externally hosted MP4- and image files

When you add media manually to a Popup Media Gallery, by either selecting External MP4, or External Image, you can enter any URL. This means that you can also include other media formats that are not supported in the iPaper Media Library (such as .WebM, .avi, .mkv, etc.).

The Popup Media Gallery will load any externally hosted image or video that can load in an <img> or <video> HTML tag.

⚠️ Please note that while Popup Media Gallery will be able to load externally hosted files other than those supported in the iPaper Media Library, we cannot guarantee that they will deliver a consistent and optimal viewing experience for your visitors.

YouTube and Vimeo videos

You also have the option of embedding YouTube, or Vimeo videos into your Popup Media Gallery.

When you select either of these options, you'll be prompted to enter the URL of the YouTube or Vimeo video you'd like to embed. Please note that these URLs are validated by iPaper and as such will only accept a valid YouTube or Vimeo link.

⚠️ Query string parameters

When adding a YouTube, or Vimeo video to your Popup Media Gallery, please note that any query string parameters your may have included in the URL are automatically stripped out in the Popup Media Gallery.

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