DISCLAIMER: Display is a new Product from iPaper being continuously developed. If there is any discrepancy between this article and your experience, please let us know. 

When creating a Display, it's import to keep in mind, they will be displayed on your website. As such, it should look like it belongs there! So consider the theme to go with your Display.

To get started with creating a Theme for your Display, navigate to Themes:

From here, you can set the  overall theme for your Display.
It's ordered by Paragraph, Product, Button and Prices.
They do however have the same overall settings, except for price, which has a few more options:

  1. Set the font we write the price in. We support all Google Fonts, so find one you like. Arial is supported across all platforms and prices, so it's a sure pick for prices, which is why it's default.
    You can find all Google fonts here: https://fonts.google.com/
    Type the name of the font, and you will see the available options.
  2. transform text casing.
  3. Decide on the font size
  4. Choosing the color for your font
  5. The pricing is written in a small box, which you can decide the background color of
  6. Decide the amount of price decimals appropriate for your currency
  7. Not enabled by default, but if your currency shows very high numbers, you can use thousands separator to make it easier to read
  8. Finally, how do we show your price? The {price} is the price we find in your feed. But you can put a currency behind it for example.

And that's it for Themes. It's a great idea to spend some time to create a general theme, that works well with your website to re-use with several displays to make sure you have the best possible workflow.

So now your Feed is connected and your Theme is set, let's get to building your Display! 

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