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Match interface colors to your company brand / website color scheme
Match interface colors to your company brand / website color scheme

Make sure your Flipbooks matches your company's identity!

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Your digital catalog is a direct extension of your business and your brand, so it should look the part, too: set a color scheme to match your brand identity.

You are able to define the colors of almost every element in the interface, enabling you to match your company brand or website color scheme.

📖 This guide explains:

How to change colors

Image shows an overview of the Colors pane,, where you can define the colors of your Flipbook reader interface.
  1. Select the Settings for the Flipbook for which you want to define the color scheme.

  2. Select the Design tab.

  3. From the vertical left-hand menu, select Colors.

  4. Here you will be able to set the colors for the Catalog, Top bar, and Calls-to-action.

  5. In the preview panel, you will be able to see how the changes you've made reflect in your Flipbook.

💡 The preview pane will show your color changes instantly, but always remember to Save your changes once you're done!

Applying color settings across folders using Inherited settings

Color settings are inheritable attributes, meaning that if they are applied to a folder, or even the account level, these colors will be applied to all subsequent subfolders or Flipbooks held within.

You can identify which elements are inheritable if they have this icon beside them. This means that any changes you make to the element here, will be reflected on any folders or Flipbooks held within it.

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