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Build a Flipbook: Too many pages?
Build a Flipbook: Too many pages?
Make sections of your Flipbook into its own Flipbook!
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With Build a Flipbook visitors can pick out relevant pages in the Flipbook and in that way create a separate publication - only containing selected pages.

Afterwards, the user can share the customized catalog in an email.

How to enable Build a Flipbook:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Navigate to Modules

  3. Pick Build a flipbook

  4. Enable using the slider

How to use Build a Flipbook:

While on the Flipbook, your visitors can now select 'Build your own Flipbook':

From there, they can choose the pages to use in their own Flipbook:

From there, they can select what channel to share their own Flipbook in:

The channels you can select to share from, are determined from what channels you've enabled under Share optimization. See more on that here:

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