How do I add my own branding?

Make your flipbooks your own!

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TLDR? Watch the video:

You made your PDF, you created your flipbook, it's ready to show the world - right? Sure, but why not add branding to your flipbook as well as you did on the PDF?

To do this, navigate to the flipbook on which to add your branding. Remember, this can also be done on a folder to utilize inherited settings! Meaning that you can add this to a folder, and the containing flipbooks will have the same branding instead of adding it once at a time. More on that here:

Anyway, back to branding! Okay, so we found a flipbook on which to add some branding. Navigate to Settings and then Design:

So how do you add your branding? There are a few ways. 

  1. The preloader is the image, that shows while your flipbook is getting ready - for those of us blessed with fast internet, we barely see it, but some of your visitors might not be as lucky! So they might be staring at this for some seconds.

    Here's a GIF of a GIF preloader:

See more info on preloaders here :

2. By default, the background is just white. Have you ever considered a magical and majestic landscape?

3.  A logo as well, your logo nonetheless! Adding it will show it in the top left corner:

4. You can add a URL to your Logo, to direct people who click your logo to your website for example.

5. Favicon is the small icon on the browser tab. For more on how to make your own, look here:

That's it, and now your flipbook is branded! Wouldn't it be cool if your brand name was in the URL too though...?

Pssst, look here:

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