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How can I show flipbooks on my own domain? Use a branded domain!
How can I show flipbooks on my own domain? Use a branded domain!

A Branded Domain makes it look like the publication is hosted on your own domain.

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So, you've added your logo, a branded preloader, and a custom background. There's only thing missing for the grand finale of making the Flipbook your own: a branded domain.

📖 This guide explains:

What is a branded domain?

A branded domain is essentially a subdomain to your own, that points to your iPaper. In essence, you own, and are responsible for your branded domain, and allow iPaper to publish content—your Flipbook—on it.

As it's your domain, you're also in full control of the naming. So, if your domain is, for example,, you could choose as my branded domain.

Specifications for branded domain

  • It requires that you have access to the DNS setup for your domain

  • Subdomain must be created as a CNAME record pointing to

  • If you have both External and Internal DNS, the CNAME record should be set up on both.

  • ⚠️ An A record will not work.

💡 This can usually be done by either your IT department, webmaster, or hosting provider.

Setting up your branded domain in iPaper

Before you can use your branded domain on a Flipbook, you need to configure it on your account settings.

⚠️ The following steps can only be performed by an Account Administrator.

  1. In the top right corner, click on the Account Details icon → Account Settings

  2. In the Account Settings submenu to the left, select Branded domains. Here, you'll be able to add and manage your branded domains for your entire account.

    To add a new branded domain, click on the + icon to the right of Domain, under Flipbook Branded Domains.

  3. In the pop-up pane, enter your branded domain without https:// in the Domain field.

  4. Click on Add

  5. Then click on Save Settings.

After saving, your newly added domain will be marked as HTTPS Pending, while an SSL certificate is issued for your branded domain:

This might take a couple of minutes, so sit back and relax, we’ll notify you via email when it’s ready.

Check whether your Branded Domain is correct with the Check DNS function

All branded domains intended for use with iPaper need to have a CNAME that points to You can check this whether the branded domain you've added has this set up correctly with the Check DNS function:

  1. Navigate to the Branded Domains pane under your iPaper Account Settings.

  2. Click on the '' button beside the branded domain you wish to check. From the drop-down menu, select Check DNS.

  3. After a moment, you'll receive a notification whether your Branded Domain is correctly set up and available for use, or that it is not correctly set up and requires action:

Advanced settings

  • Force HTTPS: This will force the Flipbook to be served over HTTPS. Any traffic to the HTTP version will be automatically upgraded to HTTPS. This becomes available once HTTPS is available on the branded domain.

💡 Using a branded domain for a Folder Schedule is great for high-frequency publishing on the same URL.

Fallback URL / Redirect

It is possible to define a single catch-all redirect URL for every Branded Domain.

It is not possible to define redirects on a Flipbook level.

Only one redirect can be defined per Branded Domain.

The Fallback URL will redirect any traffic to URLs under the Branded Domain that does not lead to active Flipbook content, to the defined URL.

When a Flipbook is unpublished or outside its publication period, its URL will show a 404 (not found) screen. The same will happen with traffic to flipbooks that have been deleted or had their URL changed.

Using a Fallback URL will redirect any 404 pages to a specific URL. This can be another Flipbook or a landing page on your website, listing current catalogs. This way you can prevent showing unpublished content.

  • Fallback URL (302)

  • Use permanent redirect (301)
    This will make the Fallback URL permanent.

    !!! Please use caution with 301 redirect !!!

    This cannot be undone for anyone who has visited the site while active.

    If you are in doubt about 301 redirects make sure to talk to your IT team before setting this up.

What is an SSL certificate cannot be issued for my branded domain?

If something went wrong with the configuration, you will also receive an email with what might have gone wrong and how to fix it. If you have any doubts, please don't hesitate to reach out via chat or

How to enable branded domain

Once you've successfully set up your banded domain on your account, it's time to enable it on specific, or all, of your Flipbooks. Consider what you want from it, as it will affect the URLs:

  1. Adding it to the root of the account will make all Flipbooks URLs appear as 

  2. Adding it to a folder will make the containing Flipbooks URLs appear as 

  3. Adding it to a single Flipbook, the URL will be the exact branded domain

1. Enabling branded domain at root (account) level

This method will apply your branded domain to every Folder, and Flipbook on your account. This is the preferred method if you use only one branded domain, and you want to apply it to all of your iPaper content.

To enable it:

  1. Navigate to the Flipbooks pane, in the left-hand menu.

  2. Click on the '…' icon that corresponds to the topmost, root level of your account.

  3. In the pop-up menu, select Edit default settings.

  4. Select the Modules pane.

  5. Then Branded domain from the left-hand menu.

  6. Here, you'll want to toggle on the Branded Domain.

  7. Next, from the drop-down menu in the Domain pane, you'll want to select your branded domain.

  8. Finally, make sure to check the Domain root option. This will root the branded domain at this level of your folder structure.

2. Enabling branded domain at a folder, or Flipbook level

This method will apply your branded domain to a specific Folder, and all content within it. This is the preferred method if you use several branded domains, for example, if you have a catalog specific to a certain region, country, demographic, etc. and you want to apply it to a specific part of your iPaper content.

Considerations for statistics when iFraming a Flipbook with Branded domain

When embedding a Flipbook on a website in an iFrame, you must use a Branded Domain that is a subdomain of the domain on which the Flipbook is being iFramed.

For example:

If you are iFraming your Flipbooks on, the Branded Domain must then be a subdomain, such as

Not doing so will result in the session cookie not being saved from the iFrame, which creates suboptimal statistics tracking on your iFramed Flipbooks.

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