Can I publish my flipbooks on a schedule?

Yes. And presenting changing content on a static URL is awesome!

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Plan, organize and think ahead for an easy publishing schedule! 

Just navigate to a folder containing your flipbooks, you wish to schedule. Let's say for example you have a weekly catalog.

Having them in one folder makes a lot of sense with inherited settings! Check those here:

Let's get back to schedule! Just navigate to your Flipbook overview, and right-click a folder or your entire account.

This will let you add Flipbooks to schedule. Also, pay attention to that URL, we'll get back to that!

If visitors go to  the account URL (see above), they'll be shown whatever Flipbook is scheduled! This allows you to plan ahead, and add flipbooks to iPaper before time even, just make sure you have the dates right.

It also makes it easy for the customers to navigate to your weekly catalog, as they only need to remember one URL for your weekly catalog! And why not make that URL a branded domain? Imagine that,, would be all they need to remember! All about branded domains here:

So get out there and schedule!

One last thing to keep in mind; if you don't have a flipbook scheduled, and someone visits the URL, they'll get an error saying nothing is scheduled. So consider adding a
default flipbook to your schedule.

This will show if nothing else is scheduled. Maybe a single page asking them to come back next week for your mind blowing sales?

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