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Organizing and naming your Flipbooks
Organizing and naming your Flipbooks

Naming matters. Make the right choices and increase your SEO value.

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You should consider a structure for your Flipbooks.

In addition to making it easier for you to navigate your Flipbooks and locate the correct one, it will also be reflected in your Flipbook's URL.

By default, all Flipbooks start with the following URL (some discrepancies should be expected if you're an iPaper partner customer): (older customers - contact us if you wish to discuss changing to (newer customers)

Any folder or Flipbook you create will be reflected in the URL in the following way: ACCOUNTNAME / FOLDERNAME / FLIPBOOKNAME ACCOUNTNAME / FOLDERNAME / FLIPBOOKNAME


Choose your Folder and Flipbook names wisely - try to avoid repetition in folder and Flipbook name. That will make your catalog URL longer and potentially less tidy.


Please also be aware that certain words in a URL can trigger Ad-blocking software (installed in the viewer's browser) which will alter the iPaper experience.

Words like:
​ Ad
 See the full list of words/strings that should be avoided:

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