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How to copy, move, and delete Flipbooks
How to copy, move, and delete Flipbooks

How to perform essential housekeeping on your iPaper account, to make sure you only keep what's relevant.

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Keeping your account organized is important, as it minimizes the risk of human-caused errors, such as setting an old Flipbook live, or deleting one that is currently active.

Copy, move, or delete a Flipbook with a single (right)-click

  1. From the Flipbooks overview, right-click on the Flipbook you want to move, copy or delete.

  2. From the dropdown menu, select the action you wish:

    1. Copy

    2. Move

    3. Delete

Additional considerations when copying, moving, or deleting a Flipbook

Copying a Flipbook

  • When copied, a Flipbook retains all settings, content, and Enrichments.

Moving a Flipbook

  • Moving a Flipbook to another folder will change its URL. See why here.
    ⚠️ ​If you are linking to a flipbook on your website, and you move it to another folder in iPaper, the link on your website will no longer work.

  • You cannot have two Flipbooks with the same URL in the same folder.
    ⚠️ ​​Moving a Flipbook will fail if a Flipbook with the same URL already exists in the destination folder.

  • The Flipbook is moved with all existing settings, content, and enrichments intact.
    ⚠️ ​​​It will not automatically inherit settings from the destination folder.

Deleting a Flipbook

  • Deleting a Flipbook is a permanent action.
    ⚠️ ​It is not possible to recover deleted Flipbooks. Statistics for that Flipbook will be removed.

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