So you've made your flipbook, you've added cool pictures, links, animations - the works! Now you want people to see it, and Social Media is a great way! 

You can easily share your flipbooks on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn - but you want to make sure your Flipbook is looking it's best when shared! 

How to change the Open Graph settings on each flipbook.

Simply navigate to the Flipbook Overview, and select the Flipbook you want to enable for. Navigate to SETTINGS -> General -> Share optimization and you should see this screen:

As you can see, the thumbnail isn't all that pretty, the title and description is nothing to celebrate either! So let's fix that. In this case, the Flipbook is a travel magazine, let's make it look like it. Let's start with the picture.

If you don't use another picture, it will just grab one of the front page. Now the optimal size for this thumbnail is 1200px * 630px. or a 40:21 aspect ratio.

Note: WhatsApp link thumbnail does not support images larger than 300kb

To change the picture, just post a URL to where the picture you wish to share is hosted. Fear not, if you don't have it hosted somewhere, just use your Media Library! Everything is there is given a URL:

So you upload your image to the Media Library  and grab the URL.

We recommend you use PNG or JPEG images. GIFs will not show movement in thumbnail, and might crash and not show an image at all.

So let's use that URL for the image, come up with a catching title and an awesome description.

That looks a lot better! Now who won't click it? Pssst, wanna add your own domain on the url at the bottom? Just click here to check out our branded domain feature:

How to enable social media sharing options:

Simply scroll down on the page in SETTINGS -> General -> Share optimization and you should see these options:

The options you turn on will now be available when clicking the share button in the viewer:

Your favorite niche SoMe channel isn't there? Fret not! You can still share it using the link at the bottom. These Social Media channels are just the ones, we have a direct integration to, and we are sure follows the design you just made!

So go on your way to Social Media glory! Want some inspiration and tips? Check out our Digital Marketing blog! 

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