You've done the hard work, you've crated a great catalog with links, video, images - the works! Now it's time to show it to the world. And why not start with putting it on your website?

Embedding the Flipbook on your website is a great way to drive traffic to it, and an easy way to share. 

Get embed code

To add it on your website, you have to add a small iFrame in your HTML. But we've made it easy! Simply navigate to 'EMBEDS' on the Flipbook you wish to share.

  1. Go to the Flipbook

  2. Navigate to Embeds

Now it's simply picking how you want your Flipbook to be presented on your site. Don't worry it's shown in a preview:

Once you've found the perfect way to present your Flipbook, click  'Get embed code' at the bottom. 

We've written up the code needed to show the Embed the way you want it, so now it's simply pasting it in your Websites HTML in the desired location.

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