With the password setting, you can protect your Flipbooks in a very straightforward way.

Simply navigate to settings on the Flipbook you would like to protect and select: Password.

You can now simply enter a password or choose to generate one.

For example, let's say you sell exclusively to retailers, and you don't want their clients to be able to see the retailer prices!

Step by step:

  1. Navigate to the Flipbook you want to enable it for

  2. Go to Edit settings

  3. Select Password

  4. Write your password or genarate one.

  5. Click Save changes.

Now when trying to access your Flipbook visitors will be met with this login screen:

Pssst, if you're prompted for a password when setting this up, it's probably because you're logged in as admin. Try in another browser or an incognito tab!

Pro tip, if you also want to keep your Flipbook out of search results, you can disable indexing.

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