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Protecting your Flipbooks
Want to make sure not everyone can access your Flipbook?
Want to make sure not everyone can access your Flipbook?

Restrict access to Flipbooks with a password

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Perhaps your Flipbook contains information that is privileged to a specific audience, or you might offer different content to different audiences, and would prefer to be able to control who has viewing access to your specific Flipbooks.

For example, let's say you sell exclusively to retailers, and you don't want their clients to be able to see the retailer prices!

You can password-protect your Flipbooks to ensure that only those you choose to share the password have access. Password -protecting your Flipbooks is quite straightforward:

Password-protecting your Flipbook

  1. Navigate to Settings for the Flipbook you would like to protect.

  2. Select Password from the vertical menu to the right.

  3. Enter your desired password.

  4. Make sure to Save changes once you're done.

💡 Can't think of a memorable password for your Flipbook? iPaper can generate a random one for you! Simply click Generate beside the password field to create a random password.

Now when trying to access your Flipbook visitors will be met with this login screen:

⚠️ If you're not prompted for a password when testing this, it's probably because you're logged in. Try in another browser or an incognito tab!

Password protecting your embedded Flipbook

If you want to embed your password-protected Flipbook via iFrame on your website, you will need to host the Flipbook on a Branded domain that is a child of the domain of the page on which it is embedded on.

💡 Pro tip: if you also want to keep your Flipbook out of search results, you can disable indexing.

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