Highlight your Flipbook in browser tabs

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Enabling Favicon (or FavoriteIcon) lets you brand your iPaper experience even further and gives your visitors an easy way to identify your flipbook among many open tabs.

Read more about Favicon in our blog post.

Guidelines for Favicon:

Image must be square for best results
Optimal size: 128x128 or 32x32 pixels
Optimal filetype: .PNG or .ICO

http://www.favicomatic.com/ can create an ICO file for you from any other image file

How to insert a Favicon:

So now you have your cool Favicon, let's add it!

  1. Navigate to the Flipbook you want to add it to. Or folder if you want to use it on all Flipbooks in it.

  2. Select settings

  3. Choose Design

  4. Pick Branding

  5. Click the Favicon field to add it from media folder

Now even with multiple tabs open, it'll be easy to find back to your awesome Flipbook!

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