Adding a Preloader Image

Enhance your Flipbook visitor experience with a custom preloader image. Oh yeah!

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What is a Preloader image?

While your Flipbook loads, iPaper presents your visitors with a preloader image. For those with superfast fiber connections, this is probably something they won't even notice. Unfortunately, not every visitor is going to be on a high speed fiber connection, and for them, a preloader image can be useful.

How to insert a Preloader image

Let's add one! Start by adding the image or GIF you want to use to your Media Library. From there it's easy:

  1. Navigate to your Flipbook or folder of choice. If you want to use the same preloader for all of your Flipbooks, simply navigate to the Default Settings for your iPaper Account.

  2. Go to Settings.

  3. Select Design.

  4. Choose Branding

  5. Add image or GIF from media folder!

Preloader Image Best Practices 🏆

By default, the iPaper logo is displayed while your Flipbook loads, but you can insert a preloader image of your own choice. However, there are a few guidelines to follow to ensure your preloader works, and looks its best:

  • The image will be displayed in its actual size (only downscaling).
    So, unless you want it to take up the entire screen, consider making the Preload image no more than 500px wide. Also, smaller size = smaller file size.

  • Use PNG
    PNG is lossless and offers transparency, which will make your logo/image function better on any background.

  • GIF is an option

    If you want your Preloader to come alive, you can use an animated GIF.
    Unsure what we mean? Check out this great example.

Now you can just hope people have really slow connections, so they can watch your cool new preloader!

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