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Feed and theme set up? Time to build!

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When you create a new Display, it is connected to your default Feed and your default Theme. So make sure you have those in order. Read more on feeds and themes here:

Okay, so now the defaults are in place, let's build a Display! Simply navigate to Displays and click New Display:

Okay, from here there's a few things to go through: 

  1. From here, you can select which theme to use for your Display, and which feed to pull products from

  2. The name of your Display. Is only for your internal use

  3. Settings for the Section

  4. Click to start adding rows to your Section

  5. Click to add a new Section

Sections vs Rows

Sections and rows are the building blocks of your Display. Essentially a Section consists of the rows you add to it. And a section provides a coherent theme to the collection of rows by adding things such as a background.

So a full Display can be the same section just with rows. Or perhaps you wish to use different sections for different categories of products? The choice is yours!


Sections are essentially quite simple, and just provide a framework for you to add rows to.

The one field you can make use of is adding a background to your section. It supports both video and images, so be creative!


There's quite a few row types to choose from:

Essentially, there are:

  1. Image

  2. Product(s)

  3. Spacer

  4. Text

  5. Video


Images are, well - images! Here you can insert an image. And you can also decide whether it should link somewhere:

The most common use-case for this is, if you want to link to a product category, rather than a specific product. Maybe you have a sale on Apple Products? Well add an image to inspire people to click through to your page with these products.


With product rows, you can easily insert products from your Feed. And you can decide the layout with picking the Product Row you like from a single product up to a 2 by 2 grid of products.

To add a product, simple paste the ID of a product (as it is listed in your feed), or the direct URL (as it is listed in your feed) to the product. 

Once added, you can drag the price, title and surrounding box to how you want it!


The spacer row is simply for layout purposes. Want to add a little room from your bottom row to the next section? Add a spacer!


A simple way to add an introduction to the content of your section 


To add video simply attach it or give a direct URL to it. The Poster image let's you decide on the Image to use as the thumbnail, as if nothing is defined, it will simply use the first frame of the video.

Disclaimer: In its current state, Display does not support YouTube. This is to give you the best User Experience in your Display, as YouTube's API does not let us disable auto play of related videos etc. after yours end. Or remove branding and control buttons. 

General settings for rows:

Margin leaves a little of the section visible on each side of your row.
Padding adds some padding on all sides of your row
Background is always white currently to highlight your content. If you don't want the white background, you can simply remove it.

There's a lot of features and setting to toggle and play with. And the best way to learn them is to just use them!

Now, with everything set up and the Display ready to be show off, it's time to get it on your website.

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