Custom Fonts in Display

Can I use my favorite fonts with Display? Yes, indeed! ✅

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Custom Fonts in general and why to use them.

By using the Custom Font feature, it is possible to upload any font owned by you, and use it with display themes.

What value does it bring?

Using custom fonts have multiple benefits:

· Bringing consistency with brand identity.

· Display and website fonts will match, greatly improving user experience.

How to use it?

Process of adding the custom font is as follows.

1. Click on the Cogwheel → Settings

2. Under account settings click on Custom Fonts

3. Please note the disclaimer that you must own the license of the uploaded font, and the font must be in WOFF format.

4. Click on upload custom font and select it from the dialog box.

Now as we have our font uploaded, we need to add it to our Display Theme. In this tutorial we will create a new theme which will be used with displays. In case you have not made a Display Theme before, have a look at this article below.

In the row setting, select Use Custom Font, and you will be presented with a list of available custom fonts.

Fonts can be applied to one or multiple rows, today we will apply it to every element of the display.

Below we can witness our Custom Font in action.

Now as we have our Theme ready, it's time to build our Display! More about it in the following article.

If you have any questions regarding the Custom Font feature, please reach out and our support will be more than happy to assist you!

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