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FAQ: Cookies in iPaper

The most frequently asked questions about iPaper’s cookie policy and how our technology works. 🍪

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Oatmeal or chocolate chip?🤔

If only all the questions about cookies, what they are and how we use them were so easy. Luckily, we’ve collected and answered the most frequently asked questions about iPaper’s cookie policy and how our technology works, so you don’t need to spend ages looking around for the right answer.

Is the cookie consent banner that loads when customers land on my iPaper Flipbook relating to the iPaper platform, or my company’s website?

That depends on the consent management option you have selected for your Flipbook:

  • None: We do not handle consent and do not present any form of Consent Management banner.

  • Integration: No cookie banner is presented by iPaper, and you will have to integrate your existing consent management platform with iPaper. We assume only “strictly necessary” consent by default.

  • Basic Banner: iPaper presents a basic cookie consent banner that allows the user to manage consent.

💡 Would you like to change what default options you offer visitors in your cookie policy banner? Read our guide on how to change these settings.

What personal data can iPaper see about a visitor who have viewed my catalog?

iPaper has never been used or intended as a permanent storage location for personal data. Newsletter signups are forwarded to customers' marketing systems shortly after signing up. Shop orders are sent directly to customers' ERP systems or forwarded as emails to sales staff. Competition signups are exported to Excel on a weekly basis. As such, there is no reason for this data to stay in iPaper for longer than necessary.

iPaper does, however, collect certain anonymized data, such as page view, time spend per page, conversion rates etc. Again, none of this data can be pinpointed to any individual person. We do not have access to, nor store, personal user data. You can read more on this in our GDPR Compliance document.

For what purposes do iPaper use cookies, including advertising cookies? Do third-party advertisers have access to these advertising cookies?

Aside from the anonymized data that iPaper collects, as described above, iPaper does not deploy any advertising cookies, nor do we, or will ever share data with third-party advertisers, directly. As the customer, you choose whether to deploy, and enable, advertising cookies. What you do with these cookies, and the data collected by them, is entirely up to you, and occurs outside iPaper’s domain of responsibility.

Where can I find more information on the cookies placed by iPaper?

You can read about what cookies iPaper uses, and in what capacity they are used, at

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