The Internet is evolving towards privacy-first. Based on the initiatives from the EU to uniformly regulate the use and collection of user data, in the form of the GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation, iPaper now offers a way to transfer the choice of cookies to your visitors.

There's a number of ways to use our Cookie policy setting depending on your needs.

To enable the Cookie policy, simply navigate to the Cookie policy banner located in the Flipbook settings:

  1. Go to the Flipbook you want to change this for

  2. Stay under General features

  3. Navigate to Cookie policy

  4. Decide the template / behaviour, you wish to use

  5. Design your banner

It is rare you need this only for a single Flipbook of course, so consider using it on Folder- or Account level to make use of Inherited Settings:

The language on the Cookie banner is dictated by the flipbooks Region settings.
Change it here: Settings > General > Region

There are 4 default templates. 

Make sure you choose the template that matches the legal requirements for your geographic area of operation! 

It will define which of these are pre-checked when your visitor lands on your Flipbook. They will see the following policy banner: 

The individual cookies your visitors will see are placed under settings. If this is clicked, it will expand to: 

All cookies allowed, with no cookie banner shown. 

Default decline or settings

Makes the default ‘Decline all’. Under Settings, all cookies are set to decline.
When clicking Accept, your visitors accept no cookies.

Visitors can change their individual preference under Settings.

Default accept or settings

Makes the default 'Accept all' - i.e. all the boxes are pre-checked under settings. Meaning if they click the Accept button without going to settings, they will have accepted all cookies.

Default accept or decline

This removes the settings button preventing your visitors from enabling/disabling specific cookies. They simply accept or decline all cookies.

How does it affect other cookies (Integrations)?

The new cookie policy banner categorizes all of the current tracking integrations as marketing cookies. Consequently, none of the following functionality will be available (loaded) until the visitor accepts marketing cookies.

The current Flipbook marketing integrations are:

  • AdForm

  • Facebook

  • Google Adwords

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Tag Manager

  • HubSpot

  • IgnitionOne

  • Sleeknote

  • Tracking pixels

Consent can be changed at any time form the flipbook menu, in the topbar.

Best practice?

iPaper will not be able to advise you towards a best practice setting, as this is solely dependent on the legal requirements of your geographical area of operation and your desired compliance level.

Note on Custom Scripting (*Enterprise only feature*)

Custom scripts will be enabled and run on pageload by default.
You can change the behavior to "Wait for advertising cookie consent" if your scripts require consent.

This is done from where you set the custom script:

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