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FAQ: How long does a session last for my Flipbook visitors?
FAQ: How long does a session last for my Flipbook visitors?

Whenever a visitor browses your Flipbook, they start a session. Understand how long a session lasts, and why this is important.

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What is a Flipbook session?

A session, in iPaper terms, happens when one of your visitors clicks your Flipbook URL and views it. Your Flipbook then saves a browser session cookie on the reader's device. An iPaper session is therefore linked to a browser session.

Returning readers will not be captured as a new session, if an active browser session cookie exists on their browser.

How long does a Flipbook session last?

💡 The duration of a session consists of the amount of time a visitor spends browsing your Flipbook, plus 20 minutes of inactivity.

This means that a visitor can leave your Flipbook, and return within 20 minutes, and be counted as a single session. The inactivity timer is reset up every registration of activity from the visitor.

If a visitor becomes inactive and does not return within 20 minutes, the session ends. Any new activity from the visitor will then be counted as a new session.

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