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Which browsers are supported in the Admin?
Which browsers are supported in the Admin?

iPaper Admin supports all major browsers. Here is the definitive list of which browsers we support, and which we do not.

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At iPaper, we're not ones to tell you what you should, or shouldn't do, and we see internet browsers as a personal choice: we want to enable you to use what you're most comfortable with.

That's why, in general, iPaper admin supports the latest versions of the biggest 4 browsers:

💡 In order to ensure optimal iPaper performance on our supported browsers, make sure you keep your browser up to date with the latest version.

Using a browser not on the list above?

If you like living on the wild side, you can try using other browsers. However, user beware! As we do not officially support any browsers other than the 4 above, experiences may differ from the optimal ones we offer on the four supported browsers.

What about Internet Explorer 11?

In August 2021, Microsoft announced an end-of-life plan for their Internet Explorer browser, with all support being withdrawn by June 2022. Being as cutting edge as we always are, we have decided to no longer support access to iPaper Admin from Internet Explorer 11. Users attempting to access iPaper Admin from Internet Explorer will be prompted to do so from a supported browser. ✌️

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