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Can I scroll through my Flipbook vertically, from top to bottom?
Can I scroll through my Flipbook vertically, from top to bottom?

Wondering if you can set your Flipbook to scroll vertically, so readers flip from top to bottom? The short answer is no, for good reason.

Updated over a week ago

iPaper Flipbooks are designed to complement and expand upon the experience of browsing a physical, printed catalog, digitally.

We believe that having a Flipbook that you scroll through vertically, is too similar to a webpage – a solution that already fulfills this purpose. Vertical scrolling, how the vast majority of websites are presented, are great for presenting lots of products, in a grid view.

The vertical navigation format, however, isn't optimal for creating a visual narrative that horizontal navigation offers. This is because, the landscape format is better optimized for displaying a page spread, and as such allows you to expose as much page real estate as possible in a single view.

Single-page scrolling, as an alternative

As an alternative to vertical scrolling, you can present your Flipbook so that it presents a single page on-screen. Doing so is easy, but requires a few steps: check out our guide, below.

⚠️ Please note: Presenting your flipbook on a single page is not supported natively and thus requires a minor workaround and/or a tweak to your design process to achieve.

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