iPaper Flipbooks are designed to complement and expand upon the experience of browsing a physical, printed catalog, digitally.

We believe that having a Flipbook that you scroll through vertically, is too similar to a webpage – a solution that already fulfills this purpose. Vertical scrolling, how the vast majority of websites are presented, are great for presenting lots of products, in a grid view.

The vertical navigation format, however, isn't optimal for creating a visual narrative that horizontal navigation offers. This is because, the landscape format is better optimized for displaying a page spread, and as such allows you to expose as much page real estate as possible in a single view.

Single-page scrolling, as an alternative

As an alternative to vertical scrolling, you can present your Flipbook so that it presents a single page on-screen. Doing so is easy, but requires a few steps: check out our guide, below.

⚠️ Please note: Presenting your flipbook on a single page is not supported natively and thus requires a minor workaround and/or a tweak to your design process to achieve.

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