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Want to present your Flipbook on a single page?
Want to present your Flipbook on a single page?

Or is your pages appearing compressed or squished?

Updated over a week ago

iPaper will always combine single pages into spreads.
That way, we ensure the best possible user experience for your customers!

However(!) your PDF might be exported into spreads already?
Processing that would essentially cause 4 pages to be shown in the space of two. 

That doesn't look quite right... Right?!

If that is the case, you can split the pages down the middle to make sure they are combined right in iPaper. To do this, you can use our simple Splitter tool, which can be found here:

It could also be, that you just want your pages to be in single page and not spreads.
In that case you can follow the same process, as it will essentially combine half pages into single ones.

Using the Tool

Simply drag your PDF on top of the round icon, or click "Choose PDF" to open your Windows Directory.

This will automatically make the tool create a split version and download it for you! Now simple use the Change PDF feature to update your Flipbook:

Check the layout! 

In most cases, that means you're done and ready to share the Flipbook with your customers. However, if the front page was also a spread, that's now also split, you need to check off "Start with spread" to make sure the front page isn't half:

  1. Go to the Flipbooks settings

  2. Select the General tab

  3. Navigate to Interface

  4. Check "Start with spread"

Want to make the unsplit version available for download?

So, now your PDF is split down the middle. Not exactly the best reading experience if you choose to download the PDF. Don't worry, you can decide exactly which PDF is downloaded, with our Alternate location feature:


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