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Need something custom? Forms!
Need something custom? Forms!

Forms can be tailored to your needs for signups, contact etc.

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The Forms module allows you to create forms in your Flipbook to be filled out by the user.

The forms module is great for:

  • Consumer surveys

  • Online competitions and drawings

  • Newsletter sign-ups

  • Contact forms

Filled out forms are sent to an Email of your choice. All information entered in a form is  also stored in the iPaper system and can be exported to an Excel file.

How to create a Form:

Go to Modules, select Forms and Create form:

  • Single line of text: Textbox (max length 99 characters)

  • Multiple lines of text: Textbox (max length 999 characters)

  • Email: The email (CC) field is used when your users should be able to add an extra recipient for when the form is submitted

  • Checkbox: One checkbox - used to answer yes/no to a question

  • Checkbox list: Several checkboxes - when your users need to choose multiple values from a number of options

  • Multiple choice: The Multiple Choice list is used when you need your users to choose a single value from a number of options

  • Dropdown list: When you need your users to choose a single value from a number of options.

  • Submit: Button to send in the form

Press Save

Let's make a simple Newsletter signup. We'll need the visitors Name, Email and Consent.

With a Title, two Input fields and a Consent field, that's it! Each field, I can edit, so I control what the customer sees. For example, I've made the email field required and given it an appropriate Label. And finally set Type validation to E-mail:

How to Implement a Form in a Flipbook:

Now let's get this newsletter live! There's a lot of ways to do this.  

As a link action for an image/icon

As a link or enrichment

For Gated Content

For this example, I'm going to add it as a simple link in the enrichment editor. Go to the Enrichment Editor for the Flipbook you want to add the Form to. From here, select 'Draw Link':

Select where to Place the link, then from the Drop-Down menu select Form:

Then fill out the fields:

With 'Open form automatically', you can have the Form open when a visitor lands on the page. 'Hide links' means it's not something visible for the visitor. And selecting 'Is required' means the form cannot be dismissed, it has to be submitted to keep reading.

With this done, your visitors will now be met with your Form, when reaching the page, you put it on:

How to get information entered in the Form:

When creating a Form, you select a notification email, the info is sent to:

You are also able to download the submissions in an Excel file. 

To do this, simply go to Forms from Modules and select 'Download report'.

And that's it! Forms are a great sandbox tool, that allows you to customize it entirely to your needs.

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