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Pop-Up is an add-on feature and it is not available for all clients.

iPaper Lead Generation Tools


A Pop-up is a lead capture tool that helps businesses convert visitors to known contacts. This is done by the Pop-up presenting itself as a small "extra" window on top of a visual interface – for instance on top of a website or Flipbook page.

You may be asking yourself whether these Pop-ups will affect your search engine rankings?

Google and other search engines are increasingly concerned with ads that lower the user experience and has started penalizing intrusive popups and interstitials that block an extensive amount of screen space. Your iPaper Pop-ups will not be affected by this.

This article focuses on how to set up Pop-ups. For an in-depth article about how Pop-ups can generate value for your business, click here.

It is probably much easier to show than to tell, so have a look right here:

Using Pop-ups

You'll find the Pop-up tool by selecting Flipbooks > Modules > Pop-ups from the menu in the left-side navigation:

This will bring you to Pop-ups main page.

From here you can create new Pop-up, edit existing ones and view statistics associated with your Pop-ups.

Creating your first Pop-up

You create a new Pop-up by clicking the Create new Pop-up button:

From here you'll be able to choose your Pop-up function. What are your objectives with your new pop-up?

When you have chosen the function you wish for your Pop-up, you are taken through the setup process.

In the following pane, you'll set the properties of the Pop-up. You'll have several different sections, including:

  • General

  • Teaser

  • Content

  • Confirmation (available in the Grow permission list and Enable Contact template)

  • Behavior

You can expand each panel by clicking it:

General properties:

  • Name
     Name of your Pop-up (for your own reference - will not be shown to visitors)

  • Notification email
     Enter the email address where you want to receive notifications each time Pop-up converts

  • Display Pop-up at
    Insert the URL to where you want your Pop-up displayed. This could be the URL to your Flipbook or to your website. 

NOTE: URL should be fully qualified, meaning it should include http:// or https://
NOTE: To use the Pop-up on your website, you will need to embed the script in the <body> section of your website.

You can get the embed script by clicking the Get embed script button in the main Pop-ups window:

  • Main color
    You can use either hex code or the color picker to choose the color of your Pop-up

  • Contrast color
    Here you'll be able to pick a teaser text color

  • Position
    Select whether you want the Pop-up to be displayed on the bottom left or bottom right side of the screen

Teaser properties:

  • Teaser text
     Write the text you want on your teaser button

Content properties (content may vary depending on Pop-up functionality):

  • Image
    Pick an optional image (from the iPaper library) for your content (e.g. logo, newsletter front page or a product or event ad)
    This image should be relevant to the content, and interesting enough to keep your visitors engaged!
    Image should be 400 pixels wide - height is up to you.

  • Text
    This is where you can give the user a brief introduction to your content.
    Tell them why they should click the button below or sign up for what you are offering. Also known as the Value Proposition:)
    You can add simple formatting and hyperlinks. (For example to competition rules)
    Hyperlinks should be fully qualified (include http:// or https://)

  • Name label
    Ask for your contacts name here (in your own language, maybe?)

  • Email label
    Ask for your contacts email here (in your own language, maybe?)

  • Consent text

    What do you what the consent checkbox to say? what are the customers agreeing to?

  • Button label
    What do you want the Submit button to say?
    Default is "Submit" :)

  • Button URL (Available with "Get more website visitors")
    The URL where your visitors with be sent when they click the call-to-action button

Confirmation properties (available in the Grow permission list and Enable Contact template only):

  • Confirmation text
     The text that displays once the visitor has pressed the call-to-action button

Behavior properties

  • Here you can select when the pop-up should open, either when the user is heading to close the window (Open on exit intent) or after a number of seconds in the site (Open after seconds). For this option you can select how many seconds in the field right below it.

More information (documentation) on placing the iPaper Embed Script on your own website:

You have also the possibility of integrating your iPaper Pop-Ups with other marketing apps with Zapier. Learn how here:

If you would like a personal introduction to the Lead Generation tools, just give us a call at +45 72 16 17 72 or book a session directly with Customer Care by clicking in the bottom below:

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