Gate your content!

Want to gate your content with a newsletter signup? Gated content!

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Need to give your users information when a Flipbook is loaded or maybe sign up for your newsletter? You can have a form open automatically when a Flipbook is loaded. We call this a Gated content.

Gated content requires that the Forms module is enabled on your account. Once this is done you can enable Gated content as you please on individual Flipbooks.

To learn how to create a form, look here!

How to enable it:

Once you have created a Form you can enable Gated content on a Flipbook like this:

  1. Select the Flipbook you are working on by clicking it

  2. Go to Settings > Modules > Gated content

  3. Flip the switch to On

From here, you can select which of your Forms you want to gate your content. You can also decide if the Form should be able to dismiss or not, to continue reading.

And also from what page you want the Form to open op.

Once you click Save changes your Gated content is ready to use.

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