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Flipbook too big to navigate? Add a Table of Contents!
Flipbook too big to navigate? Add a Table of Contents!

With the Table of Contents functionality to a Flipbook, the reader is able to view an index of chapters/content.

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What is a Table of Contents?

The Table of Contents is a function that can be applied on an individual Flipbook via its settings. Once created, this allows your Flipbook visitors to navigate across sections of your Flipbook via the Flipbook's user interface.

The Table of Contents, when active, is ever present on the right-hand side of the Flipbook's browsing interface.

How to create a Table of Contents

When creating your Table of Contents, you can create 'chapters' which are links to specific pages within your Flipbook.

You could, for example, link to the first page of each section in your Flipbook, or also highlight specific pages in your Flipbook, such as your best deals, or newest products.

  1. Navigate to the Settings of the Flipbook you want to add a Table of Contents to.

  2. Select the Modules tab.

  3. From the vertical left-hadn menu, select Table of contents.

From here, you can toggle on/off your Table of Contents, as well as configure the links shown in it.

To create a chapter:

  1. Click the + icon on the right. name the chapter and pick the page you want it to go to. To add subchapters, simply click the + icon under the chapter instead.

  2. In the Create chapter modal that pops up, give your chapter a name. This name is visible to your Flipbook visitors, so make sure that it is easy to understand at a glance.

  3. Set a page number that the chapter will take visitors to, when clicked.

  4. Once you're happy, click Create to create your chapter.

💡 You can also create subchapters by clicking on the + icon beside any existing chapter. This function is ideal if larger sections are broken up into further, smaller sections in your Flipbook.

You can also edit your chapters by selecting the pencil icon, or delete a chapter by clicking the trash icon.

With your structure in place, it's ready for use!

How to structure your Table of Contents

The order in which your chapters are displayed in your settings mirrors the order in which they are shown in your Flipbook.

To change the order of your chapters, simply click and drag a chapter into the appropriate position in your list:

⚠️ Remember to always save your changes when making new, or editing existing chapters.

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