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Manage your workflow with FTP Monitor
Manage your workflow with FTP Monitor

Need easy upload across alot of locations, designers etc? No problem!

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The FTP Monitor is an add-on feature and it is not available for all clients.

A FTP Monitor allows you to upload PDF documents to a monitored folder. PDF files found will automatically be processed and created as flipbooks. This eases the burden of bulk upload or giving a designer an easy way to upload to Flipbooks etc.

Need the same PDF but in 50 languages created as Flipbooks? Simply drag n' drop 'em!

Create a FTP server

First step to using our FTP Monitor is to of course have a FTP Server for us to monitor. If you don't already have one, or don't know how to create one - iPaper can create one for you to use.

Create a new FTP Monitor

Now that our FTP server is up an running, it's time to direct the Monitor in iPaper to well, monitor it!

Navigate to the FTP Monitor settings from the Modules tab. You will then be greeted by a window asking you to create a new FTP Monitor:

Now let's go through the settings needed to setup the monitor:

  1. This is the name of your Monitor settings. This is simply because you can have multiple monitors running, so name it according to what FTP server it is monitoring.

  2. Select where the PDFs from the FTP server should be created as Flipbooks

  3. Direct the Monitor to the FTP servers host address

  4. The username to login on the server

  5. The password to login on the server

  6. Depending on your folder structure, if you want all subdirectories included, remember to check!

Pro tip! To make sure your Flipbooks are created with the right settings, design etc., utilize inherited settings on the folder! Read more on those here:

There's also a number of Additional Settings you can setup for your Monitor:

  1. Check to import hyperlinks from the PDF

  2. Check to use a specific Custom Link Import configuration

  3. You can use this to add directly to an existing archive

  4. Make sure it doesn't fill too fast but adding a cap on how many items is in it

  5. If you have a branded domain on the folder, you can make sure to use the root by having it as the default Flipbook

  6. With this, you can send a notification to an email when the monitor uploads a new PDF.

Read more on branded domains here:

Your FTP Monitor is now set up and ready to use. Add PDF files or folders with PDF files to the FTP server, and they will automatically be created. So let's add it using a FTP Client. In this case it's FileZilla:

Note: Please note that we generally do not support files with special characters. That means that you should only use the characters a-z and numbers 0-9 in file names - characters like æ, ø and å may cause the FTP Monitor to fail or ignore those files.

The FTP Monitor runs on a 30 minute cycle looking for files. So don't be surprised if it doesn't appear just after adding to your Folder! As soon as the Monitor finds a new file, it will automatically start uploading and processing it as a new Flipbook:

Did you find this too complex, and just need a simple way to let outside users upload the occasional file? Consider Simple Upload!

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