[GA4] Building Flipbook Audiences in GA4

If you've already connected GA4 with iPaper, it's time to build an audience! This guide shows you how.

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🔰 Before we get started

This guide assumes that you've already set up your tracking in Google Analytics 4 (GA4). However, if you haven't set up GA4 with your Flipbooks, take the time to read this guide first:

What are audiences?

💡 An audience is a group of your users who have met certain requirements, or completed tasks, such as visited certain pages.

Audiences allow you to compare data in your reports. For example, how does Audience A perform against Audience B. You can also use audiences to set up targeted ad campaigns, as remarketing audiences.

One great example of this would be using audiences to answer the following question:

  • How many users who clicked a call-to-action (CTA) button in my catalog then went on to complete their purchase on my website?

To answer this question, we first need to create an audience of users who clicked a CTA in your catalog. Next, we'll compare this audience against users who converted on your website.

Building an iPaper Flipbook Audience in [GA4]

In Google Analytics 4, it is no longer possible to share audiences. That also means that we can no longer simply share the link to a pre-built audience with you here.

So, you'll need to set up your own iPaper audiences in your GA4 account, but we can take you through each step of how you do this:

What audiences and conditions can you create?

In Universal Analytics (UA), all iPaper events are sent to Google Analytics in the following format:

eventCategory: 'iPaper events',
eventAction: [ACTION],
eventLabel: [LABEL]

In GA4, however, the label, action, and category of events, are a thing of the past.

Events in GA4 now instead consist of an event name and up to 25 event parameters. That means that even the event label is now an event parameter,

For clarity, since we no longer have an iPaper category of events, we have decided to start every IPaper event with the prefix ipf, followed by the event action in all lowercase, using underscored (_) instead of spaces.

iPaper custom events in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

This is the full list of iPaper events you can use to create your audiences:

  • ipf_external_link_click

  • ipf_load

  • ipf_pdf_download

  • ipf_popup_image_click

  • ipf_popup_image_gallery_click

  • ipf_popup_content_click

  • ipf_popup_frame_click

  • ipf_product_added_to_basket

  • ipf_newsticker_external_link_click

  • ipf_search

  • ipf_shop_checkout

  • ipf_video_play

See more information here:

Happy tracking! 🚀

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