Set up Google Tag Manager for GA4 with iPaper

Start tracking iPaper via Google Tag Manager and GA4

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PLEASE NOTE: This is subject to change beyond our control, as it contains a guide to 3rd party content (Google Tag Manager).

iPaper features an integration with Google Tag Manager.

Just as with the direct Google Analytics integration, where your UA tracking ID, or your GA4 measurement ID, is needed. You can integrate your iPaper account to your Google Tag Manager container, using only your Container ID.

As defined by Google:
"Google Tag Manager is a tag management system (TMS) that allows you to quickly and easily update measurement codes and related code fragments, collectively known as tags, on your website or mobile app."

This means Google Tag Manager can be used to install any measurement code on in iPaper as well as, your website or mobile app.

This guide will, however, focus on showing you how to set up Google Tag Manager to work with GA4 and iPaper.

When integrating with Google Analytics directly, sessions, PageViews and various events start to flow in to your Google Analytics reports immediately.

However, when using Google Tag Manager, it is up to you to decide, exactly when to trigger your Google Analytics tags and what variables to pass on to your Google Analytics reports.

To make this process easier for you, we have created a downloadable Google Tag Manager container, that you can import directly into your Google Tag Manager account.

Once set up correctly, this collection of tag triggers and variables will pass almost the same information to your GA4 account, as the direct iPaper integration with GA4.

Set up and test your Google Tag Manager container.

See video:

GA4 Events via the Google Tag Manager Data Layer

As described here:
"The data layer is an object used by Google Tag Manager and gtag.js to pass information to tags. Events or variables can be passed via the data layer, and triggers can be set up based on the values of variables."

If you are interested in seeing the full list of iPaper events tracked via Google Tag Manager, take a look at the article below:

Please note: There are significant differences in the event tracking between Universal Analytics and GA4.

See this explanation from Google:
"A Universal Analytics event has a Category, Action, and Label and is its own hit type. In Google Analytics 4 properties, every "hit" is an event; there is no distinction between hit types. For example, when someone views one of your website pages, a page_view event is triggered.

Google Analytics 4 events have no notion of Category, Action, and Label and, unlike Universal Analytics reports, Google Analytics 4 reports do not display Category, Action, and Label. Therefore, it’s better to rethink your data collection in terms of the Google Analytics 4 model rather than port your existing event structure to Google Analytics 4."

The iPaper data layer is still set up to cater primarily to Universal Analytics. But with help from a few custom JavaScript variables, the downloadable Google Tag Manager container, found above, will convert the iPaper data layer into useful GA4 events including every relevant parameter and value pair.

The iPaper data layer is remapped in the following way:

However, the beauty of Google Tag Manager is that you are now free to remap, reorder, or rename them as you see fit.

You will find the Event parameters in the "GA4 - Flipbook event tracking" tag.

Now get tracking.

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