Tagging your PDF with hyperlinks can help you reduce work inside the Enrichment Editor.

For example, creating external links to your website and even internal links to different pages if you have an in-page table of contents.

Creating hyperlinks via InDesign

  • Select the text, image or drag a box which should contain a hyperlink.

  • Right click → Hyperlink → New hyperlink

  • Select the type of hyperlink you want to create

    • If URL, paste the URL.

    • If page, select the page of destination

  • When exporting your PDF, make sure you’re including hyperlinks.

Creating hyperlinks via Adobe DC/Acrobat Pro

If you don’t have access to the design file, you can always create hyperlinks on an already created PDF.

  • Click Edit PDF from the task panel

  • Select the Link menu from the top bar → Add/Edit web or document links

  • Drag the box to the desired place, the hyperlink should be

  • Select the type of Link Type

  • In the actions' panel, select Open a web link/go to a page view

  • Add the link and press OK

You can tag your PDF further with hyperlinks to add video and images directly to your flipbook.

See how in the following articles:

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