If you've already done the steps of connecting Google Analytics, it's time to build an audience!

But, if you haven't set up Google Analytics with your Flipbooks, read this first:

Building an iPaper Flipbook Audience [Universal Analytics]

Essentially, what we want to do is to create a segment of your visitors who have clicked any Flipbook. That way you can easily see your goals, KPIs and so on in Google Analytics from that segment. To make it easy, you can simply import the audience here:

If you want to see how it's created, it's simply by making sure this segment has been exposed to the event of the Flipbook being loaded:

Comparing to the rest of your website

Okay, so now you got an easy way to see the performance for your Flipbook Segment. Want to compare it to your other channels and website? Well, simply create an audience that excludes those who loaded a Flipbook. Once again, you can just import that segment from here:

You should now have the two segments loaded in and ready to compare!

Please note that segments are imported to your user account only - if other users want to view these segments, they will need to import them as well 🙂

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