[UA] Building Flipbook Audiences

How are your Flipbooks performing? When you have added Google Analytics, here is an easy way to see specific data

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🔰 Before we get started

This guide assumes that you've already connected your iPaper Flipbooks to Google Analytics. If you've skipped a couple of steps and haven't yet set up Google Analytics with your Flipbooks, take a moment and read this first:

Great, so you've connected your iPaper Flipbooks to Google Analytics. Now it's time to build an audience!

Building an iPaper Flipbook Audience in Universal Analytics (UA)

Now, you'll want to create a segment of your visitors, consisting of your visitors who have clicked any Flipbook. This allows you to measure how this audience performs against your goals and KPI's.

We've even done the hard bit for you! You can simply import the audience here:

If you're interested in seeing how you create this segment yourself, it's simply the case of making a condition where an event must contain an event of a Flipbook being loaded:

Comparing to the rest of your website

Okay, so now you got an easy way to see the performance for your Flipbook segment. It makes sense to want to compare how it performs against your other channels and website. Well, the next step is simply create an audience that excludes those who loaded a Flipbook. Once again, you can just import that segment from here:

Once you've loaded this second segment, you're ready to dive in and compare them!

Please note that when you import a segment, you do so to your user account only. If other users want to view these segments, they will need to import them as well 🙂

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