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Importing events to Facebook via Google Tag Manager
Importing events to Facebook via Google Tag Manager

Want to use your Flipbook events in Facebook for Business?

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Using GTM you can translate Flipbook events to Facebook events. By doing this, you will be able to see them directly on your campaigns in Facebook. Rather than only in Google Analytics with Facebook as a referrer.

Setting it up

iPaper supports Google Analytics, Google Tag manager and Facebook Pixels. By making use of GTM, you can convert Flipbook events to Facebook events.

Essentially what is happening, is that when a Flipbook event happens, the Google Tag shoots a Facebook event, that the pixel picks up.

Matching events

Flipbook events are not equal to Facebook events. See a list of them here:

So you're going to have to map them in your tags. For example, the add to basket event in iPaper is called ipaperEvent_productAddedToCart while in Facebook it's called fbq('track', 'AddToCart');

Or your visitor clicks the Checkout button:

ipaperEvent_shopCheckout = fbq('track', 'InitiateCheckout');

Triggers and Tags

To map this inside of Tag manager, you first need to create a trigger, that is the Flipbook event:

Simply making a trigger on a custom event, that is equal to the name of the Flipbook event.

The secondly, make a Custom HTML tag:

All we're doing is pasting the event from facebook, for example:

fbq('track', 'InitiateCheckout');
fbq('track', 'AddToCart');

Inside of a script tag:

{the facebook event, that can be copy pasted from their site}

And there we go:

Beyond all of this, you of course need to make sure your Facebook Pixel is enabled on the Flipbook, read more on that here:

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